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Furska is the absolute pioneer in the market.

Our comprehensive services are a combination of the characteristics of developer companies and the quality and price of the manufacturer. Doing marketing research, negotiating with suppliers, quality control is just part of our job. Translations, legal assistance, technical and logistic give trouble-free purchase of goods.

We have experience in such industries as furniture, windows, doors, metallurgical products and building materials, but we do not close to any other markets. We specialize in goods produced all over Europe, mainly Polish. We have experience in supplying goods outside the European Union. Many good manufacturers are not known commercials, some do not want to cooperate with foreign companies, our experience and capabilities help solve these problems.

By choosing my brokerage, you always have a guarantee of the manufacturer's price, proven quality and trouble-free communication. Unlike the developers we always put the client and his interests in the first place.

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Европа, Южной Америке, Южной Америке, Африка, Азия, Aвстралия


Номер телефона и адрес фирмы:
ul. Lubliniecka 21
46-380 Dobrodzień
opolskie, Польша
Тел.+48 664 802 732

Страница категория


Строительство, благоустройство и продажа недвижимостей; девелоперов

Ключевые слова:

посредник, девелопер, производитель, мебель, окна, двери, древесина, металл, алюминий


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